Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival

2015 A Year In Review

Well, 2015 has come and gone.  Another great year! Fun times, new experiences and more wonderful people!  Thank you to all who have supported us over this past year.  We […]

Black and white

Well. I took some more photos. And it’s late. Well only 11:30. But I’m sleepy. In fact I didn’t really take these photos tonight. I did how ever edit them. […]

Photographing Children

So you are going to photograph some children. Sounds fun hey? Children are soo cute and adorable from babies to toddlers they are just sooo much fun. *claps hands in […]

Might as well kill some time…

Ok, so as I sit here in the service shop waiting for my cars regularily scheduled maintenance, I realized I have not updated in a few days. So, I thought […]

Chip Kalback … Sure do like his work.

So, upon some internetting time I had one day I came across a little article posted on pictureline’s website. The title “Chip Kalback on Photographing Concerts”. I said to myself, […]

A daytime Walk in the Bog

Mer Blue, there’s a bog there.  But it’s actually off Anderson Road…but called Mer Blue Bog.   Interesting. Something like 1.6km of boardwalk.  Turns out there’s alot of the same scenery, […]

iPhone trickery

Well, what better way to update the blog with a post about photos I have taken with my iPhone while using my iPhone! I have been impressed with the collection […]

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