Actress Sarah Benfield

Sarah Headshots

Well, yet again Sarah helped me out by letting me test out the new Westcott Octabox I got.  It was a good time! Just a soft box and a reflector. […]

More Headshot Fun!

Another session with Sarah.  Was good times as always.  Played with some new lighting methods as I was limited to what I got to use due to needing replacement bulbs. […]

Shelly headshots

Well, I’ve done it again. HEADSHOTS! This time it was very exciting.  I invited along my makeup friend (not imaginary, but one that does make up) Lindsay ( ) […]

Joe Headshots

Well, yet another glorious visit from Actor and all around swell guy Joe Allard.  He’s so legit he’s on IMDB.  It’s super cool.

What you Call A Muse (ing?)

  So, from what I understand most photographers have some one or something that for one reason or another, they will regularily photograph.  My friend Sarah has become that.  Sarah […]


Joe Allard Headshots

I had a great visit the other day from an amazing up and coming actor and musician Joe Allard ( ).   Joe has made appearances in TV shows like Hiccups […]

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