Well, not the usual band thing I do. So fun story, was out and about on Sunday and came across an impromptu car show.  Pretty sweet.

Sparrows @ Mavericks Ottawa

Photographing the Sparrows really helped me realize how spoiled I’ve been this summer when it comes to photographing.  Having a much more limited light show and a smaller stage to work […]

Muhtadi Drum Festival

Ok. So I had the pleasure of spending the Saturday of the Muhtadi Drum Festival with Dave of Mapex Drums Canada and the drummer for Protest The Hero, Mike Ieradi. […]

The Team Up!

Well, to start off my year I teamed up with Mapex Drums Canada.  I am now an Official Photographer for them. What does that mean?  Well, it means so far […]

Big Sugar – Yard Style Tour

Well, it’s been a fun few months.  I’m going to be posting some newer content over the next week or so.  I wanted to start with this post though.  I […]

Black and white

Well. I took some more photos. And it’s late. Well only 11:30. But I’m sleepy. In fact I didn’t really take these photos tonight. I did how ever edit them. […]

Drummers! Ok, well just 1.

I had the pleasure of shooting a mini promo shoot for Mike Hogg, the drummer for Autumns Cannon.  It was a fantastic time.  He’s a super laid back guy, we […]

Bog Walk

Family, fun, inanimate objects, a turtle and some bordwalks…

Photographing Children

So you are going to photograph some children. Sounds fun hey? Children are soo cute and adorable from babies to toddlers they are just sooo much fun. *claps hands in […]

Just Thanks!

I just want to take a few minutes to thank everyone. I have been very lucky to have met many great people over the last number of years as I […]

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