With a passion for the arts early on in life, it wasn’t fully until 2004 when Denis had the opportunity to photograph Ottawa’s own Drillpoint as they played their very first show opening for Metal giants Damageplan at The Capital.  Armed with an Olympus 5mp Digital Point and Shoot and only allowed to shoot the first 3 songs (despite being close friends with the band) he went at it.  Sadly, no success shooting the Damageplan portion of the show, but was able to hang out after and get a shot of the 2 bands together.

Drillpoint and Damageplan   Yeah, this definitely isn’t the best photo ever taken.  It was later that year that DimeBag Darryl (2nd from left), was Shot on stage at a show.  Denis realized that he got to capture a moment of someone doing what they loved.

It wasn’t until 2008 that Denis purchase his first “real” camera. That being, a Canon Rebel XTi. His first removable lens “prosumer” camera.  Taking a few years of photographing anything that would be in a picture increasing his knowledge of what can be done both in the camera and in different editing software, he continued to hone his skill with photographing bands.

Denis upgraded to a Canon 5DmkII body.  A full frame “Pro” camera.  It was a very exciting day.  A day that has not been looked back on, other than to realize how exciting it was.

Comfortably Numb - Canada's Pink Floyd Show


Teaming up around that time with Comfortably Numb – Canada’s Pink Floyd Project as their tour photographer, Denis got spoiled with the enjoyment of capturing behind the scenes, sound check and truly ALL ACCESS photography.

Continuing to keep the focus on the Music side of Arts, Denis teamed up with Mapex Canada early in 2015 as their photographer.

Armed still to this day with the 5DmkII and a few Sigma lenses, Denis is still improving on a daily basis always looking for new methods and to learn more.  Photographic Art is forever evolving and changing which helps to keep things interesting as well as new and fresh.