Muhtadi Drum Festival

Ok. So I had the pleasure of spending the Saturday of the Muhtadi Drum Festival with Dave of Mapex Drums Canada and the drummer for Protest The Hero, Mike Ieradi.

While at the festival Dave introduced me to 3 amazing other drummers, Dan, Everton & Krik.  They were really what kept the big Mapex Tent going!

All of these guys are awesome dudes.

Mapex was the major sponsor for the festival and Mike was headlining the Saturday night. Although Mike didn’t end up going on until about 7:30 he spent a good part of the day hanging out with us at the Mapex tent and chatting.

My job, help capture elements of the festival and capture Mike on stage.


A great big thank you goes out to Bruce Bradley of Slammin’ Media for letting me sneak onto your online access and giving me some space. Also a big thanks to Dave and Mike for the hospitality and hang outs. Was great times!

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